Chrysler Superbowl Ad Nominated For Emmy

The 2012 Chrysler Superbowl Halftime Commercial whose music was produced at Revolver Studios is up for an Emmy. We’re real proud of how well this commercial has done. Now we just need to work on our Grammy, Oscar, and Tony. Thanks to Alison Ables, Weiden + Kennedy and Clint Eastwood.

Also we now have a brand new computer and Protools system! And a bunch of new plugins. Things are looking good for Revolver!

Chrysler Superbowl Halftime Commercial @ Revolver!

The music for this Chrysler Superbowl Halftime Commercial was produced at Revolver Studios. It features Clint Eastwood and was created by Wieden and Kennedy. It features members of the Oregon and Eugene Symphony and was produced and engineered by Collin Hegna.

More New Mics

We just added some great new ribbon mics to our collection. A matched pair of Coles 4038s (!!!) as well as a newly modded active circuit for our EV V-3. Known as the “cloud lifter” mod courtesy of Stephen Sank at Talking Dog Transducers.

We also got our board and patchbay completely rewired. That’s the sort of thing that makes the world go round in any recording studio. More fabulous things to come.

Much Gratitude to Tim Hochstedler and Zach Meyers for their work on The Raven.

New Gear Arrives @ Revolver.

We just added some real neat stuff to our line-up of exciting toys. For instance, the Neumann collection continues to grow with the arrival of our first U-87! Also we’ve added four new channels of outboard compression. including….
Two sequential serial numbered Purple MC-77s. Which are modern (but faithful) reproductions of the classic Urie 1176 leveling amplifier. A true studio classic.
An ART Pro VLA II stereo tube compressor. This is the unit recently lauded in Tape Op as an effective thickener of room mics, vocals and whole mixes!
Check the gear page for links to more info on these units. Or just pop by and plug in.

New Website!

If you’re here, then you can see we’ve got a new website. Muchos gracias to Ryan Overhauser for his web design assistance as well as Sebastian Bibb-Barrett for his photographic wizardry. Now, let’s get back to making records.

The Upsidedown releases “The Town With Bad Wiring”

Our friends, The Upsidedown, are releasing their new record “The Town With Bad Wiring” this August. This album was tracked at Revolver with Collin initially manning the helm. Nalin took over the production when Collin’s tour obligations arose. He finished the remaining tracking and mixing. Many guests entered Revolver during its creation to lend a hand and give the record a real community feel.

We at Revolver are really proud of this record and are grateful to work with such creative artists. Information on the band and this release can be found via the link below. Keep an eye out for this band in a town near you as well as your local discerning record store. Enjoy!