Collin Hegna

Collin’s engineering career started at the advanced age of twelve when he began tape-oping for his dad Gailen at Rainbow Recording in Portland. He continued working at Rainbow throughout high school gradually taking on other tasks and developing more advanced recording skills. Many fundamental basics of analog recording techniques were picked up during this employment.

In 1996 Collin began attending the University of Oregon as a music student. While at school he played bass in the Symphony, sang in the University Singers, and played in several of the Music School’s jazz bands and small ensembles. After trying out several focuses in the music school he found his niche composing electronic music in the department Future Music Oregon. During these studies fundamental recording techniques mixed with experimental use of computers to compose music.

After graduating from the U of O with a B.S. in Music he moved back up to Portland and began playing in several local bands. When records needed to be made he would simply make them himself. It wasn’t until joining together with fellow former FMO student Nalin Silva to start Revolver Studios that engineering became a serious career. Revolver started in 2003 downtown above Kelly’s Olympian. It moved to its current location in SE Portland in 2006

Collin currently plays bass in the Brian Jonestown Massacre and leads the Portland based band Federale. He likes fishing and reading.

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Nalin Silva

Nalin began recording in his bedroom with two boom boxes, his first four-track was created. Having played guitar and written songs since the 4th grade, recording was a natural evolution. Nalin played in bands and continued to explore various recording devices and techniques throughout high school. He had his first taste of a “real studio” when he recorded his first record at Rainbow Recording. Oddly enough, this is Collin’s dad’s studio, and long before he ever met Collin.

In 1994 he attended the University Of Oregon and majored in English. After years of toiling away with Chaucer, Whitman and Sexton he switched majors. He decided to major in music in 1999, and began studying in the Future Music Oregon program at the Universities’ School Of Music. Here he refined not only his composition and production skills, but also his analog and digital recording techniques.

In 2001, he moved back to Portland and continued playing in bands and recording. In 2003, he and Collin Hegna started Revolver Studios, located above Kelly’s Olympian in downtown Portland. In 2006 they relocated Revolver to its’ current location.

Nalin currently plays in Federale from Portland Oregon. He is the booking agent and venue manager for Kelly’s Olympian and head of sound at Mississippi Studios. He is a live sound engineer as well as one of the Audio Heads for Pickathon, an Independent Festival held just outside of Portland in Happy Valley. He is an instructor with the Young Audiences Live S.E.T program which teaches the art of live sound to teens, in addition to being a member of the Board for The Rock n Roll Camp For Girls. When not working, Nalin enjoys road trips, the ocean, live music and his family!

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